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how it works


Get an Advisory Board Credit Card by signing up online.


Earn points when you use your Advisory Board Credit Card on airfare and hotels.


Use points to earn policy breakers, and gift cards, or make a donation to a local community group.


  • 1 point per 2 miles flown
  • 400 point bonus when flight is booked 7 days in advance
  • 50 bonus points per flight connection
  • 400 bonus points for booking though the
    Advisory Board Travel Booking Tool


  • 750 points per hotel night

Rewards are only earned on purchases with an ABC Credit Card
Flight must be booked through the online Travel Booking Tool or by phone through our travel agency
Per night hotel expenses must be within policy
Travel must be expensed within 90 days to earn points; travel expensed within 60 days will earn full point value; travel expensed with 61-90 days will earn 50% value
Don't have an ABC Credit Card yet? Apply here.

Travel rewards

One month of travel

What you get

only 60% of a fitbit
(Not enough reward points to afford the fitbit.)
You can get the fitbit,make a
donation to your favorite community
impact organization and still have points left to use